Monday, December 04, 2006

Week 4 - The Short Version.

Hey, all.

This is just a quickie to tide you over until tomorrow, when I should have more time to write. My usual Wednesday composition hours were spent on a photo adventure. You all should take comfort in the fact that my crimes abroad have been limited to merely trespassing--as opposed to breaking and entering, which was part of the original plan.
I met some folks from Arkansas this morning at 7 am on the steps of the Duomo, then took the bus out to the eastern edges of town, where our one of our photo instructors had told us there was an abandoned insane asylum that would make an interesting location for a photo shoot. When we arrived, we spent the first hour or so debating how we could and whether or not to go inside. I was against going in from the start, and we decided that we should abandon the plan as soon as we (thought?) we heard noises from inside.
I really enjoyed the shoot. The girl we took pictures of has done some modelling in the past, so that made it much easier. I've attached one of the photos from the session.
The Arkansas kids were a motley crew, but very entertaining. I ended up spending most of the early afternoon wandering the city with them, and then having a delicious lunch at a Greek restaurant.
More soon...sorry to be so dull and brief, but class calls!

Your lady abroad,


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