Monday, December 04, 2006

Week 1.

hello, folks!
florence is really wonderful. you all will be lucky if i decide to even come home!
the trip over was really something! all was well until i arrived in paris. the line to check passports was ridiculous...i spent at least 45 minutes of my 1 hour layover waiting with a bunch of fussy american tourists, then ran to my gate, only to see my plane take off. after waiting nine hours in the paris airport with a few girls i met from my program, i ended up in pisa. someone from air france was supposed to meet us with a taxi or a bus to get to florence, but no one showed, so we ended up taking the train into florence, and then a taxi to the place where we had to register.
after i got my keys, i walked about 10 minutes over to my apartment. it's located on the third floor of a corner building on via dei neri, one block from the uffizi, the palazzo vecchio, and the arno--and it's wonderful. definitely better than the university housing at home! i have a single room with a (non-functional) marble fireplace. apparently the apartment is prone to some drainage problems, so we have to be very careful about our showers...but, otherwise, it's perfect.
today i perused the mercato centrale, europe's oldest covered market. i only came away with some fragole, or strawberries, but i plan to return when i have more time.
speaking of time, i must be off. i'm at an internet cafe right now, and this is costing me. i'll write more when i have access to a school computer.
if you want to call, my italian cell phone number is 3357146602. you may have to use a country code to reach me...i'm not quite sure. i'd love to hear a voice from home, though. i'll look into it more thoroughly and give details next time i write.

miss you all!



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